[Photos] 2013 M!COUNTDOWN Triple Crown Winners’ Handprints Exhibition in Hong Kong - SHINee (6P)

Incorporate with 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong, this exhibition at Hong Kong Harbour City, Ocean Terminal will displays 6 groups whom had received 3 consecutive wins on M CountDown; And They are Girls’ Generation、SISTAR19、SHINee、神话、SISTAR、EXO!This exhibition will be held from Nov 8 - Nov, 24 2013!

Photo source: 曉瑩_S_A_M
Information Gathered by: Forever_SHINee[4]

If the God wishes to make you happy it conducts you the most difficult road because easy ways fortunately do not happen.

(Если Бог хочет сделать тебя счастливым, то он ведёт тебя самой трудной дорогой, потому что лёгких путей к счастью не бывает.)

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